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Structure and FUnction: 
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​Today’s birth practices can have an adverse effect on babies’ structure and function, which in turn impacts breastfeeding.  The purpose of these programs is to assist IBCLCs, birth professionals and Health Care Professional’s in recognizing the structural issues that affect babies’ abilities to breastfeed and to function normally.  A provider who is skilled in recognizing these issues and knows when and to whom to refer, provides a gift to the babies she helps, not only for breastfeeding success, but also for their long term health.

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Jaye Simpson is now retired and is no longer performing consultations.


          Please call Jewel Mohr, M.Ed., IBCLC 

Jewel has specialized training in complicated

lactation challenges that many parents are facing

today.  Jaye is honored to refer new parents to Jewel,

knowing they will be in excellent and well educated hands!